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The Gravure Printing Process

Doctor BladeGravure printing was developed hundreds of years ago and is still a viable method of printing today.  Well known for its excellent print quality and consistency over long runs, it can be the printing method of choice for demanding print jobs.  Also known as rotogravure, it is a relief method of printing where the image to be printed is engraved below the surface of a chrome-plated cylinder.  The durability of the chrome-plated cylinder and the direct image transfer from the cylinder to the substrate are two of the reasons for the high quality and consistency of the process.  However, the process of engraving the cylinder can lead to high costs, particularly for short-run jobs, when compared to other methods of printing.

The gravure process is relatively simple in theory.  The engraved cells are filled with ink while the cylinder is rotating and partially immersed in a pan of ink.  A doctor blade is applied to the surface of the cylinder in a manner that removes all the surface ink from the cylinder without damaging the cylinder.  The ink remaining in the cells is then transferred to the substrate as the substrate becomes sandwiched between the cylinder and impression roller.  The substrate with the wet layer of ink then goes thru dryers so that the ink is completely dry before the substrate moves to the next station where another ink color is applied.

Printing Blades for Printing

Printing BladesYour printing job is only as good as the quality of materials that are used to create the product. That applies to every element at each step along the way, from the design to the inks, substrate, and other components to the press itself.

Your printing company can truly only control some of those steps along the way, not the entire journey itself. However, the elements you can control, like the performance of the press, benefit from your full attention to detail and professionalism. When you examine the first piece off the press and the last piece off the press, it’s your ultimate goal for the two to be indistinguishable with the quality just as high from first to last.

Allison Systems will help you maintain your company’s reputation for quality by providing doctor blades that perform flawlessly on each job. There is no worry of streaks or imperfection in the images due to blade defects with Allison doctor blades which are manufactured under our ISO9001:2015 certified quality management system.

As a busy print shop, you go through many blades and need a trusted, affordable source for quality components.   Allison Systems offers a range of materials from metal to plastic to composite in a variety of edge shapes. In this way, you are sure to get the exact blades you need for your application.

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