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Erase and Condition with Our Eliminator Press Cleaner

Printing presses are incredible machines, but they require constant cleaning to deliver consistent results. When you are working with a ceramic or chrome engraved roll, we recommend The Flexo Factor’s Eliminator product. This roll conditioner and camouflage remover are highly concentrated and technically advanced, allowing you to easily remove all staining from your rolls. It is one of our most popular press cleaners, used in press rooms all across the United States.

How to Use

Apply several drops of Eliminator to an E-Razor sponge or saturated rag. You may also spray it directly on the roll. Rub in the anilox press cleaner with vigorous, circular motions. Wipe away the contamination and rinse with fresh water. Note that you must not leave Eliminator on a chrome roll for longer than a minute without rinsing. Repeat these steps as necessary until all the staining and camouflaging are erased.

Eliminator’s Benefits

Using an exceptional press cleaner like Eliminator boosts your bottom line by minimizing maintenance costs and making your operation more efficient overall. Some of its benefits include:

  • Improved Print Quality
  • Increased Workplace Safety
  • Reduced Waste Stream
  • Decreased Ink and Roll Replacement Costs

Learn more about Eliminator and its advantages by contacting Allison Systems Corporation.

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