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Keep Your Press Clean with Quality Press Cleaners

When you run a large, commercial printing business, every page counts, and efficiency is key. There’s no time for downtime when you have clients waiting for their printing projects to be complete. After all, their success is your success — it’s imperative that you deliver on your projected completion time. Ensure your presses are fully maintained and running as intended with these press cleaners.

Essential Cleaners

With all the printing projects your business takes on each day, it’s a common occurrence for ink to dry on places it shouldn’t, which will eventually start to affect the quality of your prints. Press cleaners such as Real Cleen and Deep Cleen quickly remove dried ink from a variety of surfaces, while Plate Cleen removes dried inks directly from the printing plates. For best practice, wipe down your printer after each print run ends, using the chemical that is optimized to the type of ink you were using.

When cleaning the printing rolls, we recommend the Eliminator or Rejuvenator products. Both come in a highly concentrated form, yet the former is an acidic-based liquid, while the latter is an alkaline-based gel. Both products work to remove grease and other buildup from the surface of the roller, and both are highly effective in doing so.

How to Get the Most Effective Clean

Finally, you must consider how you are applying the press cleaners to the printing press. When using a brush, it’s essential to select the right bristles for the job as they come in multiple varieties made to clean specific surfaces. A stainless-steel brush with fine or ultra-fine bristles should be used on a ceramic roller. A softer brass brush should be used on chrome-plated rollers. Finally, nylon or horsehair bristles should be used on stainless rollers, as using any other metal could cause permanent damage to the roller.


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