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First-Rate Press Cleaners for Optimal Performance

Routine cleaning is the cornerstone for high-quality printing. Set your system up for success with regular maintenance using our press cleaners. Allison Systems Corporation is proud to offer a line of effective cleaning solutions for all manner of commercial printers, in addition to our printing blades and other products. Our cleaning products include but are not limited to:

Real Clean: This liquid alkaline solution removes dried ink from a variety of surfaces. It also lubricates your press and helps prevent rust.

Deep Clean: Like Real Clean, this press cleaner is highly effective at removing dried ink from chrome, ceramic, and rubber rolls. It is a more concentrated solution for tougher cleaning jobs.

Plate Clean: Remove dried ink from your printing plates in contact with our Plate Clean. This sprayable solution simplifies routine plate cleaning.

Venom II and Viper: Cut costs with our powdered cleaning solutions Venom II and Viper. Each package can be dissolved in water to create 5 gallons of effectively dried ink remover.

Contact our staff today to learn more about these products and our other general press cleaning solutions. Don’t forget to also ask about our anilox roll cleaner. We are happy to answer any questions and make a recommendation based on your specific cleaning challenges.

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