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Effective Anilox Roll Cleaner Products

Routine maintenance is the foundation for consistent print quality, with regular cleaning being perhaps the most important aspect. Allison Systems Corporation is proud to provide the high-quality cleaning supplies that your equipment deserves, including exceptional anilox roll cleaner products.

Our Eliminator product is a clear, highly concentrated, and technically advanced acidic cleaning solution that is ideal for anilox rolls. It is specially formulated to remove dried ink from ceramic and chrome engraved rolls, like those used by anilox presses. Plus, Eliminator conditions the roll for the next print run.

For customers that prefer using gel rather than liquid, we recommend our Rejuvenator product. These anilox cleaners are light yellow, highly concentrated, and technically advanced alkaline cleaning solutions. Like Eliminator, it is formulated to remove dried ink from ceramic and chrome anilox rolls.

Learn More About Our Cleaning Solutions

Contact our team with any questions about our anilox roll cleaner, doctor blade, or other products. We would be happy to make a recommendation based on our industry knowledge and the specific challenges of your printing setup. Likewise, our team can advise you on how to best use our cleaners to keep your press running with optimal performance.

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