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Premier Provider of End Seals for Flexo Printing

Ensure your flexographic printer receives only the best replacement parts by shopping with Allison Systems Corporation. We are the premier provider of end seals for flexo printing. With our vast inventory of sizes and materials, it is easy to get what your setup needs to produce consistently high-quality prints.

Due to the unique configuration of flexographic printers, you must ensure the end seals are in the perfect shape and size to achieve proper operation and get the most use from your doctor blades. Furthermore, you also must select a material that is compatible with the type of ink or coating you use, the length of your typical runs, and the speed of your press. Determining these factors is simple enough if you are replacing an existing part, as you can simply order an identical product or close match. However, if you do not have an existing end seal to reference, you can rely on our expertise.

Talk to the End Seal Experts

We understand the ins and outs of large-scale commercial printing and the specialized parts that the process demands. When you have questions about end seals or doctor blades for flexo printing, we have answers. Plus, we are happy to provide recommendations based on your equipment and print runs. Contact us to speak to our experts and place your order for printer parts.

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