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Things to Know About Flexo End Seals

When it comes to flexo printers, there’s a lot going on in the rolling mechanism we see. Users might know how to fix a jam and replace the ink, but one of the most vital pieces for any printer is in the end seals. These little pieces that go at the ends of the doctor blades help large-scale and small printers function with precision and produce cleaner finishes. Companies like Allison Systems Corporation are a reliable source of a broad spectrum of end seals made from different materials available in various sizes; put your trust in them when you need to get more.

End seals for flexo printing are especially important for the printer to be able to function properly. There are at least 10 things you should be aware of when it comes to using end seals for this type of printer:

  1. Make sure the face of the seal fits squarely against the chamber with no gaps.
  2. Ensure that the anilox roll is in good condition; otherwise, it too can cause ink leaks.
  3. The end seal must be compatible with the type of ink or coating being used, the length of the run, and the press speed.
  4. You can combine seal coatings and multiple materials to create the best designs and increase end seal life.
  5. Not all felt are equal, and the higher quality felts (F1, F3) will offer longer life and higher vibration.
  6. Foam end seals are still among the most popular and cost-effective solutions.
  7. Flexo end seals materials are available with different durometers or compression ratios.
  8. Make sure your end seal is high-quality and is the proper fit to minimize chamber leaking.
  9. Doctor blades that are too short or too long can be another source of leaks.
  10. Many new chambers come with specially molded rubber seals and, although effective, can be costly. Sometimes more traditional seals can be substituted with success.

Reach out to Allison Systems Corporation to learn more about their products and services, including their inventory for end seals for flexo printing.

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