Allison Systems Offers a complete line of doctor blades for every application

We will help you select the best doctor blade for your press and product

No Two Presses are Alike

We also design doctor blade holders!
Our holders are custom engineered for your press and application.

End Seals

With Options Available, Just for Your Needs.

Authorized Distributor of The Flexo Factor's complete line of cleaning products

We have multiple solutions to clean dried  UV and water-bassed inks from various surfaces on your press.

Cleaning Brushes for Every Roll

We carry Stainless Steel, Brass, and Horse Hair brushed to clean ceramic and chrome rolls and printing plates

Find the Right Fit with Our Doctor Blade Products

From the People Who Made Doctor Blade Technology a Science

When it comes to large-scale commercial printing, few parts are as essential as the doctor blade. This part is so important because two printing methods—rotogravure (commonly known as gravure) and flexographic (widely known as flexo)—use doctor blades to control the amount of liquid ink that remains on a printing cylinder.

Find the correct type of doctor blade to fit your needs by turning to the professionals at Allison Systems Corporation. All of our blade materials, press cleaners, end seals for flexo printing, and edge shapes are specifically engineered for use in high-performance presses. Meet your production standards by taking advantage of our full range of printing press products.

The Right Blade for the Job

Allison Systems typically uses steel as our blade material of choice to create high-quality, repeatable doctoring results. That doesn’t mean it is our only option, however. We also offer plastic and composite blade options for gravure and flexo printing and coating applications.

No matter what type of doctor blade you need, you can rest easy knowing that our specialty blades will deliver cost-effective performance and—when properly used—can offer a longer life at high speeds when compared to other materials. Contact us today for assistance with blade selection or diagnostics services.

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