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Gravure Doctor Blade Systems

For today’s rotogravure applications, doctor blade control needs to be both fast and foolproof with no guesswork, mechanical problems, or start-up waste that is attributable to doctor blade performance. Often the doctor blade systems found in these applications, just do not offer the doctor force control, repeatability, position control, and quick blade change capability needed to avoid some big operating costs.

a Gravure single blade system.

Allison Systems has the capability to replace entire doctor blade systems, when needed, which can include an independent oscillation component.

Allison doctor blade systems are pneumatically controlled for reliable and repeatable operation.

Based on a computer model of your press configuration, our gravure blade systems are designed to achieve optimum doctor blade wiping angles. Our designs eliminate problems that are commonly found in blade holders and systems and allow you to easily repeat optimal blade settings each time a job is run.

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