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Sample Blades

Allison Systems offers a limited amount of free sample blades for testing with new applications or to improve an existing application. By testing a new blade before you buy, you can be sure the new blade achieves your goals without having to purchase minimum quantities.

Blanket Orders

Blanket order arrangements can be made on a yearly basis so that your price is locked in for the full year. Tell us how many you want to be released and a release schedule and we will make sure your blades are there when you expect them. If your doctor blade usage changes, we can adjust the quantity or release schedule as needed.

Blade Analysis

Controlling doctor blade alignment and contact angle is important to prevent print defects and roll damage as well as maintain print consistency and repeatability. Allison Systems offers a blade analysis program in which we use a microscope to analyze a used blade and measure the contact angle and other important parameters. We compile all of the information we gather from you and our analysis of the worn blade and send it to you in a detailed report that includes any suggestions for improvement.

Blade Selection Guidance and Diagnostic Service

We provide blade selection guidance to help you select the correct blade for your application. We can also help diagnose any blade-related issues you may be having. Typically our Blade Analysis service is the first step in any diagnostic process. Blade selection guidance and diagnostic services are available by phone, email, or on-site visits depending on the level of help needed. On-site services are billed to cover travel expenses and time while on-site.

Doctor Blade Training

Allison Systems is pleased to offer on-site doctor-blade-related training for your employees for both Gravure and Flexo applications. Classroom-style training sessions are based on Powerpoint slide shows presented by an instructor. To benefit the most from the session, attendees are encouraged to ask questions and interact with the instructor. Typical sessions last about 1 ½ to 2 hours. On-site training services are billed to cover travel expenses and time while on-site.