Run after run, your printing presses can get pretty dirty. Your goal is to turn out quality products and reduce waste. For this, your operation needs a cleaning solution that removes the evidence of a previous run and offers you a clean roll to work with. For many, the Eliminator is the solution. This liquid concentrate is an acidic solution that removes the residue.

The Eliminator is an anilox roll cleaner that is known as a highly effective cleaning product from The Flexo Factor. This product gets rid of the dried ink from chrome-engraved and ceramic rolls. Look for this product only from an authorized distributor.

Cleaning with the Eliminator

For many people, cleaning seems pretty mundane, but it’s essential to the quality that rolls off your printing presses. Even little bits of ink or residue can ruin an entire run and require you to do it all over again, wasting time, resources, and money. Then, too, presses that aren’t cleaned regularly and properly can experience damage to the machinery. New rolls are expensive.

We’ve found the anilox roll cleaner known as the Eliminator works well on ceramic and chrome rolls. It’s acidic, making it strong, but not too harsh, and cleans thoroughly. Add several drops to an E-Razor applicator sponge before wiping clean, then continue until all of the residue is removed from the roll.

We recommend daily, weekly, and deep cleaning as essential for protecting an anilox roll, as well as the printed product. Otherwise, residue can show up on what you’re printing, as well as building up in the cells of the roll itself. And this residue interferes with ink delivery and the quality of your printed product.