end sealsParts as humble as end seals play an essential role in the printing process. When these parts are not made to exact specifications, leaks result. And these chamber leaks make a big mess, waste ink, and degrade the end product. Starting with a well-made seal from the suitable material and precise measurements are what ensure quality and success.

You’ve experienced the problem with poorly made seals on your press. These include chamber leaks that cause wear and tear on doctor blades, printing quality reduction, and production downtime. However, when these seals are made to order, all of that reverses. Look to Allison Systems Corporation to manufacture custom end seals for your commercial printing presses.

Making Custom Seals for Your Presses

We use state-of-the-art, high-speed CAD equipment during the crucial cutting process. Our process enables us to customize parts and make them with the quality want and in the quantity you need.  We don’t die-cut end seals as compression from this process causes the seals to warp, leak, and contain concave edges.

Depending on your needs, we make seals of foam, neoprene, felt, or composite. Talk to one of our team members about the best seals for your operation.