plastic doctor bladePrinters have many essential parts and pieces that make them highly valuable tools for many industries. However, each material is critical and can affect the printer’s performance; that is why companies like Allison Systems Corporation offer several types of doctor blades, including plastic blades for smoother, easier ink control. Ultimately taking care of the printer is the most important thing that matters in terms of making it last a long time. Plastic materials are usually softer and not as sharp as steel, which makes plastic blades less dangerous when being removed from the press.

There are a few tips you can follow to make sure everything is in working order:

  • Follow Manufacturer Guidelines for Proper Maintenance Care
  • Make sure Doctor Blades are Clean, Undamaged, and Installed in an Undamaged Chamber
  • Select the Proper Chamber, Ensuring it’s the Right Size and Well Maintained

Cleaning your steel or plastic blades and chambers are essential to proper maintenance, but it might be better to replace parts altogether over time. That is why having a reliable resource to find the equipment and parts you need is critical to making sure your printer stays in good working order. Contact Allison Systems Corporation for more information on their products and services.