Printing professionals spend a lot of time selecting the correct anilox roll cleaner for a job. Close consideration goes into cell geometry, line screen, and cell volume to guarantee that a precise amount of coating or ink is delivered to the substrate. Anilox roll cleaner is essential to maintain this precision.

If roll cleaning is neglected on a regular basis, you will not get the best return on your anilox investment. Plugged cells can adversely affect print quality and cause frustration, waste, and downtime. An anilox roll cleaning program, including daily, weekly, and deep cleaning, will help preserve the integrity of the anilox engraving and maintain quality, press efficiency, and longer anilox life.

When you receive a newly engraved anilox roll from the manufacturer, volume is typically even across and around the surface of the roll. Anilox roll cleaner becomes necessary as the roll is used because a residual amount of ink or coating material is usually left behind in the cells after the transfer has taken place. This residue dries up and creates build-up in the cells. Over time, these dried deposits can greatly decrease the capacity of the cells and reduce their ability to carry and release the precise volume of liquid for which they were designed.

Benefits of Regular Use of Anilox Roll Cleaner:

  • The dependable transfer of a precise volume of ink or coating
  • Reduced labor and less downtime
  • Consistent coverage
  • Fewer job rejections and waste
  • Longer anilox life and lower re-working costs