It can be easy to forget about your end seals—out of sight, out of mind. However, these small components play a significant role in your ability to retain customers. Without high-quality end seals, your press and doctor blade will run less efficiently and produce inferior results. Both of these consequences can lead to customers looking elsewhere for printing services.

Unfortunately, many printers don’t have sufficient knowledge of these seals to recognize when they’re causing trouble. The best way to make this determination is to contact one of the professionals at Allison Systems Corporation. We have an impressive and in-depth knowledge of end seals and the problems they cause—and we’re always happy to share the benefits of that knowledge with you.

More Common Than You Realize

Many OEMs sell printing presses at extremely high markups. But that doesn’t mean that every component is of the highest quality. Some manufacturers use subpar components (including end seals) to reduce their costs. For this reason, leaky end seals are more common than you might imagine, and they may be the source of your printing frustrations. Excessive ink waste, score lines, long printing times, and damaged rolls are all signs of leaking end seals.

Allison Systems Corporation offers quality end seals to make your press and doctor blade work better than ever before. Count on us for both OEM replacements and custom seals to solve your printing woes.