A composite blade can be used for many ink metering applications. The most common composites are made from fiberglass and carbon fiber.  In addition to different materials for the blades themselves, composite blades come in several tip shapes to achieve the utmost performance in ink metering.  For composite blades, typically, there is a beveled edge shape with a nominal 10° to 15° bevel angle. Long bevel profiles can help reduce ink leakage past the flexo chamber end seals.

With the use of composite blades from dependable vendors such as Allison Systems, you will experience a result better than any other on the market.  In particular, fiberglass and fiberglass plus materials are highly recommended for top quality.


Fiberglass composite blades have a longer life span than carbon steel metal blades with good metering quality. Fiberglass is best used with ceramic anilox rolls with <500 LPI screens.

Fiberglass is usually available in 20 mil thicknesses with an SLR (Seal Relief 15°) bevel.

Fiberglass Plus

Fiberglass Plus composite blades typically provide all the features of Fiberglass and improved metering quality, nearly matching that of metal blades. Fiberglass Plus can be used with any ceramic anilox and is usually available in 14 and 20 mil thicknesses with an SLR (Seal Relief 15°) bevel.