A clean press leads to clean and attractive printed products. However, a stained and grimy press can have the exact opposite effect. That’s why it’s crucial to keep your press as clean as possible; it’s the best way to ensure that your clients are completely satisfied.

Fortunately, it’s never been easier to keep your press clean thanks to the high-quality products and press cleaners from Deep Cleen. These products constitute an industrial cleaning solution that has been formulated to remove dried-on ink upon contact from any surfaces that are causing you trouble. Deep Cleen products are effective in glycol, water, and UV ink applications. Press cleaners also available in a concentrated liquid form.

How They Work

It’s easy to use Deep Cleen products. Simply dilute the concentrate in water, apply the solution to any dirty surface, and wipe with a rag. When the stains have disappeared, use water to rinse off the newly-cleaned surface and clear away the solution.


When using Deep Cleen products, always be sure to wear eye and hand protection. Glasses and gloves are the best way to keep you safe during the application process. As with any industrial-strength cleaner; seek medical attention if any products touch your eyes or skin, or if you ingest or inhale any Deep Cleen products.